How often do you think about ‘trust’ as a marker of success in your B2B communications?

It’s an important question – not least because trust is in short supply. The 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer indicates declining or flat trust levels in the UK across a broad range of sectors.

We see this in retail too. When we speak to MTJ’s Retail Excellence Panel about how suppliers can improve their service, retailers tell us they want them to “stick to their word” and “get things done”. The best retailers want to work with brands, but many have been left jaded by the sales rep who promises the earth and doesn’t deliver.

MTJ can’t guarantee reps won’t break promises, but we understand how to build trust in your reputation. New research has indicated that brands who are visible next to quality editorial content on newsbrand websites can benefit from that trusted environment. In fact, brands on average receive a 50% uplift in trust when they advertise on a newsbrand. This is critical as trust is now the second-highest brand metric linked to profit ­­– just behind quality.

While this research focussed on consumer media, we believe it is relevant to business media too. Brands must focus on building quality editorial content on trusted news sources in the trade.

There are widespread challenges that retailers are facing – from new legislation in Scotland to ongoing sustainability and profitability challenges. Brands that choose a relevant area to share expertise in the trade will build trust – and ultimately sales and profits.

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