This week, we’ve been working with clients to understand the impact of the government’s decision to delay parts of the upcoming HFSS regulations – the ban on volume promotions and consumer advertising. 

Retailers and the ACS have stated this isn't enough to take the pressure off stores and consumers amid rising costs. But while retail groups and store owners may still be lobbying for further delay, we must come to terms with the fact this legislation is coming and nothing will stop it altogether. We should continue putting our energy into finding ways to maximise opportunities within the new laws.

This is why some retailers are still ploughing ahead with preparing for the legislation regardless of the changed timeline. Tesco has announced it is axing volume promotions from October.

Offers on HFSS products are a lifeline for many consumers, something that will only increase in the coming months. This is why it’s so important to make healthy eating more affordable and accessible.

We believe FMCG brands must act now to support local stores and their customers who are understandably uncertain about the new rules. Whether it’s advice or price incentives on HFSS-compliant stock, brands can win favour by providing specific guidance and useful offers.

HFSS messaging is a key focus for the majority of our clients here at MTJ and we’re working closely with them to ensure they are seen as leaders on this topic.