The latest results from Lumina Intelligence’s Convenience Tracking Programme (CTP) are a warning to brands that do not currently have a strategy for communicating value to retailers.

“Shoppers are managing their spending by reducing the frequency of their convenience store visits,” said senior insight manager Katherine Prowse. “This trend is driven by high inflation and cost increases seeing more consumers opt for bigger shops at supermarket and discounter stores.”

Convenience customers are also spending less on impulse purchases. Meanwhile, the ‘newsagent' shopper mission saw the biggest year-on-year decline in share.

With no sign of the rising cost-of-living reversing, we must accept some new realities in what best practice looks like in c-stores. If consumers are visiting shops less often, and being more prudent with unplanned purchases, brands must support retailers to offer value in a more relevant way. Here are three factors to focus on:


Brands can often be reluctant to talk about multipacks in c-store messaging as they can drive down the higher spend that customers tend to accept in smaller stores. But retailers are crying out for better access to multipacks and more advice about how to use them effectively. Suppliers should consider making multipacks a part of their messaging to ensure local stores remain competitive.

Relevant offers

While impulse spending is down, Lumina’s CTP shows the food-to-go mission is leading growth, increasing its share of missions by 2% year on year. The resurgence of food to go indicates that price still isn’t everything when it comes to value. Brands should communicate how they can play a role in food-to-go deals and other relevant missions.

Reward schemes & support

Offering value isn’t just about the customers. Are you providing retailers with support and incentives for stocking your brands and following your advice? If you have reward schemes in place, make sure these are promoted through the trade press. Case studies and testimonials from retailers can drive the message.

Value is one of the biggest conversations that brands need to be part of in the coming months.

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