With two thirds of us set to make New Year’s resolutions for 2024 (even if we don’t stick to them!), why don’t more businesses take January as an opportunity for a bit of a reset?

Making new plans for the year ahead will motivate your team and will provide the focus and direction any successful organisation needs.

And no matter what line of business you’re in, you can set some New Year’s resolutions and goals that won’t result in colleagues running for the hills.

Here are five ideas for New Year’s resolutions for your business:

1. Keep on improving

You might start with a commitment to continuous improvement. This can take many different forms, but ultimately, it’s about people bettering themselves at work, raising their personal bar and doing everything they can to achieve it. And when people see the results first-hand, they will commit to it in the longer term – great for their personal development, but also a real win for your business.

2. Dedicate time to marketing

We’re all proud of the support we provide for our customers, but what about setting aside quality time to promote your business? At a time when online marketing and a strong social media presence has become a key business tool, 2024 could be the year when you bite the bullet and really embrace digital communication.

3. Get serious about sustainability

Sustainability remains high on the business agenda, so what better time than the start of 2024 to introduce meaningful sustainability to your business?

You might not be in the greenhouse gas emissions league, but every business should be looking at its carbon footprint, addressing how it can improve energy efficiency, considering recycling schemes and introducing initiatives which play a part, no matter how small, in safeguarding the future of the planet. Easy to say, but actually not that difficult to implement either.

4. Focus on delegation

Many business managers lead by example, but far too often their to-do list is scary to say the least. This could be the year when rather than putting yourself under too much pressure, you embrace the time-honoured tradition of delegation. Not only does it lighten your load, but it also shows that you trust people you work with and gives them the responsibility they’re often seeking. Remember, there are only so many hours in the day. Make them count, rather than getting bogged down in tasks that don’t really warrant your attention.

5. Improve your communications

In any walk of life, and particularly in business, communication really matters. This year you could commit to improving the quality of communication throughout your business. Get it right and it could be a game changer. People who work in the dark lack direction and understanding, but colleagues who know where your business is going, and what’s expected of them, are huge assets.

Are you making a New Year’s resolution for your business?

Don’t under-estimate the impact setting New Year’s resolutions can have on your colleagues. As long as the resolutions are achievable, they make people feel good by giving them a sense of direction and purpose as they go about their daily tasks. And when people accomplish something that seemed challenging at first, the sense of achievement they feel will spur them on to take on the next challenge that comes their way.

So as we start the new year, and look to seize all the opportunities it brings, rather than look to lose weight, eat healthier, or drink less, why not reflect on your business, where it’s going and set a few New Year’s resolutions to make sure you arrive there in the best possible shape.