It’s vital PR campaigns include as many touch points as possible to maximise the number of consumer eyeballs. We’ve seen many clients shift focus over the past two years from traditional print consumer campaigns to digital-first or digital-heavy activations. The piece of the pie that can sometimes be overlooked is the need for influencers.

Influencers are a key part of any campaign, whether that’s to launch a new product or promote an existing one. Influencers come in all shapes and sizes and can be incredibly beneficial in reaching an otherwise overlooked audience segment.

We recommend all brands ring fence part of their campaign's budget to work with influencers. I can understand the nervousness from clients when influencers are mentioned. Usually you think of an influencer as someone with millions of followers who is often promoting a range of products and discount codes to their fans. The solution to this is using a bespoke influencer network that allows clients and brands easy access to a variety of influencers ranging from micro to mega.

Case study: SPAR vegan wine launch

At MTJ PR we partnered with Room Unlockedan influencer portal that allows brands to connect with influencers who fit their brief and audience.

We’ve worked with the team at The Room on multiple client campaigns. Recently, we teamed up with them to launch SPAR’s new vegan wine range, which required us to reach vegan and home influencers and their audiences. Using a portal like Room Unlocked gave us access to influencers that suited the brand and their new product.

With the brief approved and the client and influencers onboard with the direction of the campaign, we used the tried-and-tested old school PR tactic of media mailers. We boxed up a few bottles and shipped this out to the chosen influencers. Once the influencers received their hampers, they created the desired unboxing content and uploaded it to the portal for us to review and share with the SPAR team. This seamless process allowed control and refinement to the brief and content, which resulted in an influencer campaign reaching more than 300,000 followers and an industry-beating engagement rate.

The end result was a happy client and a social media buzz and generated interest in the new product.

Engaging influencers with Room Unlocked

Using an influencer portal is a cost-effective and time-economising way of reaching mass audiences through smaller influencers, who have a more engaged following that a typical mega-influencer would.

Tanya Hamilton-SmithOn partnering with us, Room Unlocked, Co-Founder, Tanya Hamilton-Smith said, “In a world where brands are having to buy influence, and influencers are having to sell themselves, we’re excited to work with brands and agencies who share our passion for authenticity in the connections they make. Our model is one where no money changes hands. It guarantees an influencer is approaching a brand because they love the look of them or their products and not because of the £ signs attached.

“MTJ PR have been a joy to work with because, like us, they’re ensuring they are maximising their clients' investments and ultimately, choosing to work with influencers who share the same values as the brands.

“Particularly in times of economic stress, cost and time efficient strategies are key. Working with MTJ PR has been a perfect example of how we help brands use what they have to get what they need.”

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