We’re no fools!

At MTJA we don’t need an excuse to let our creative juices flow, so we love it when April Fools’ Day comes around.
This year’s office prank involved people in the know expressing concern about a major ‘leak’ under the sink which needed looking at immediately.
And as you might have guessed…the leak turned out to be a leek!

leek-pic-1-294x300Interestingly though, by mid-morning we had received several calls from media contacts thanking us for not wasting their time with spoof brand-related announcements.
To quote one journalist: “The first one was mildly amusing; the rest got deleted because they were irritating to say the least.”
It raises the question about PR agencies being brave enough to advise clients about the merits of trying to gain coverage on the back of dates such as April Fools’ Day.
We advised against and on reflection were probably right.
But we must admit that it would have been fun to issue a few tongue-in-cheek releases.