The value of social influencers for brand

From a PR perspective, social media has always been perceived as an amazing tool for publicity that allows direct communication in an instant.

Monitoring a client’s social media and searching for mentions of their product or service is not only a vital practice to spot any negative comments that can then be dealt with, but is worthwhile to recognise opportunities to engage with social influencers…

This week, a fan and follower of Encona Sauces re-tweeted a video (posted by player Joe Marler) of the England Rugby Squad sitting down to dinner, with bottles of Encona on the table. We tweeted Joe and engaged in a light-hearted pun-filled conversation (much to the delight of his 22k followers) offering to send more SCRUMptious sauces for the team to TRY, ahead of their six Nations match next weekend.

rugby-1Not the brand’s first brush with stardom, Encona has been mentioned previously by none other than Howard Donald from Take That, who tweeted his love of Encona sauce in a sandwich. After locating this post by searching for mentions of ‘Encona’, the team responded to Howard – praising his good taste in sauce and offering some free samples – which the star promptly re-tweeted to his 158k followers.

Social influencers, such as bloggers and celebrities, do not often readily associate themselves with brands, so searching for and engaging with the smallest mention of your brand can lead to a world of opportunities!

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