Rustlers event launches category growth plans

MTJA organised a successful trade media event for client Kepak Convenience Foods to unveil  bold plans to drive £50m category growth in micro-snacking. Held at MC Motors in Dalston, the event was a huge success, with a great media turn-out and headline news starting to appear soon after.

MTJA events wouldn’t be the same without a few challenges involved! This time journalists went head-to-head in a very competitive ‘Build a Burger’ competition, as well as a Rustlers Pop Quiz.

The event also announced high profile investment in Rustlers, the No. 1 micro-snack, including a £2.5 million marketing spend over the next 12 months.

A new TV advertising campaign spearheads the marketing support and will be supported by a major digital and outdoor campaign.


Adrian Lawlor, KCFs Marketing and Business Development Director, said: “We’re in a very strong position because people who currently buy Rustlers rate the brand higher than loyalists of all other brands in our competitive set”,

“However, the challenge and major opportunity we and our retail partners have is to improve the perception of Rustlers amongst people who have yet to try the product by addressing the gap between perception and reality – and our marketing drive will focus on that.”

Marketing activity will show that Rustlers are cooked by a unique flame grilling process, resulting in a distinctive barbecue taste and smokey flavours.

“We’ve always delivered great taste from the very best beef and this underpins everything we do, but now we’re shouting about the fact that with Rustlers it’s ‘Great Taste, Great Beef, Always’.

“Food to go is forecast to increase by 10 per cent in the next five years and is becoming increasingly important in the convenience channel, where it’s already worth almost £5 billion. As more than half of all micro snacks are bought on a food to go mission, we’re going to work closely with c-store retailers to make the most of this key sales opportunity,” concludes Lawlor.